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As always saftey is key!

This easy to install passenger side mounted extinguisher kit can be purchase as just the bracket or with extinguisher. 

The mounting plate will suit a wide range of small extinguishers using the mulit fitment built in. 


lightweight and compact, this kit is ideal for track day cars or additional saftey on the road. 


This 950g powder extinguisher will be able to tackle small fires before they spread. 



  • mild steel mount plate in a powdercoated finish 
  • 950g powder handheld extinguisher (fire test rating 21B)
  • extinguisher mounting bracket and retaining straps
  • instalation kit 


(kits are designed for uk right hand drive cars and should not be mounted in front of the driver seat)

BMW 2 Series Extinguisher Kit F8X

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