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For most of us petrol heads the thought of building a top spec vehicle capable of high cornering speeds and insane noise is very appealing, however SAFETY FIRST! 

The risks on track are very real and must be assessed properly, At very least we always recommend a good supportive seat and properly installed harnesses. Sometimes this wont be enough, sometimes its best to go one step further and think about installing a roll over protection system. 

Below we will go over the pros and cons of full and half roll cage systems supplied at Gosling Racing.

Half Cage Systems

Half cages are a great entry level system to protect occupants. More often than not these systems are easy to remove and wont effect the integrity of the car. A properly install half cage will offer many


​       Pros

  • easy to install

  • maintains vehicle comfort 

  • strong harness mounting locations

  • little to no effect of vehicle resale value

  • can still be used safely on public highways 

  • cost effective 



  • basic level of safety

  • no side protection

  • minimal chassis strength benefits 

  • not eligible for most msuk events


Full Cage Systems 

Full roll cage systems offer the highest level of safety and are a must in racing applications.

More often than not these cages greatly stiffen a vehicles chassis to help with the demanding environment of the track 


  • full roll over protection including side impact protection

  • strengthens chassis 

  • full customization to suit specific needs

  • eligible to race in msuk events 



  • not typically safe to use on public highways without appropriate equipment

  • non reversible 

  • not as cost effective  

  • requires professional installation 

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