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This chassis brace comprises of a upper strut brace and a lower cross brace that join together to spread the load from the rear axel carrier pannel,  stiffening the chassis to give a more posative feel and combat the common subframe faliture that all e46 chassis suffer with. 


Modular by design this kit can be added to our existing half cage available for the e46 coupe chassis or be used on its own 


Sleek and stylish we belive this kit will give you the confidence you need to push your E46 Chassis on the track and extend its life overall 


Included in the full kit

  • upper strut brace 
  • lower chassis cross brace 
  • upgraded chassis bolts
  • 2x tension rods
  • long drill bit 
  • M12 x 1.5 tap 
  • all associated bolts 


(only option lower kit for customers that want to add the brace to an existing roll cage. see picture 3. lower kit only will not be supplied with the upper strut brace)

(professional install is recomended)



Sub-frame Brace E46 Coupe, Saloon, Touring

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