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Introducing the new best seller. The seat frame kit suits the E9x (E90, E91, E92, E93) chassis offering an all in one solution to your aftermarket seat install.


We have designed a modular kit taking all the fuss away from trying to install components inside the car. With our low rise design you are able to build up and optimize your seating position on the bench and insall it just like you would an OEM seat. 

The studs we supply make the classic struggle of trying to install the rear bolts in tight areas a thing of the past.


Kit features:

  • 80mm overall seat width ajustment to suit wide range of seats.
  • 180mm sliding adjustment to suit all leg lengths of driver or passenger.
  • 60mm height ajustment.
  • Built in offset to mimic factory mounting position.
  • Full installation kit (all hardware needed to install).
  • Durable powdercoat finish. 
  • Harness antisubmarine eye locations. 
  • Harness lap eye locations.
  • OEM pre-tensioner compatability. 
  • Universal left or right fitment.


Supplied parts included in full kit : seat frame base, sliding rails, harness eye brackets, side mounts and assosiciated hardware. (harness eyes are only included if opted)

(No bolts supplied to mount seat into side mounts, parts are only to be used in off road aplications)


BMW 3 Series E9X Seat Frame Kit

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