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A durable and streightforward bolt on kit designed for convinience and speed.

Removing your splitter will take seconds! 

Benifits include easy and fast loading of cars for transportation, easy and faster pitside or workshop inspections,  easier routine matinance and improved downforce from redirected high pressure air. 


The main splitter is manufactured from 12mm Phonolic ply due to its durability and highstrength to weight ratio while the mount kit is manufactured using 3mm steel plate. 


The kit is designed to be strong and user friendly. Its height adjustable and will suit a range of non standard front bumper configurations including larger oil colers and radiatiors. The kit will work on standard OE type bumper configurations for the M3 models and will take aproximately 1 hour to install. 


Kit features

  • quick release system 
  • durable and lightweight
  • full hardware kit 
  • powdercoated mounts 
  • canards included in the full kit 


Mounts can be purchases with or without the splitter and can be used with existing splitters.  



(please allow 2 weeks from order date for items to arrive)

BMW E46 Quick Release Splitter Kit

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